Company Profile

Daikyo Brokerage Limited is a privately held financial institution that has been a prodigy of the financial markets since its inception. The firm serves the most discriminating and sophisticated individuals and institutions in: Investment Management, Investor Services, M&A Advisory and Wealth Management.

Daikyo Brokerage Limited’s culture of accountability fosters deep and lasting relationships built on commitment, adaptability and trust. The company is independent, selective and specialized. Daikyo Brokerage Limited provides investor services in close to 100 markets for many of the world’s leading individual investors, asset managers and financial institutions.

Daikyo Brokerage Limited is consistently ranked among the Asia’s most acclaimed custodians, asset administrators, foreign exchange, and securities lending providers.

Our Strategy and Ambition
Expand our leading, high-growth positions:
• Focus majority of investment on high-growth segments with market leadership
• Drive growth in investment solutions and services

Deliver solutions and insights:
• Products and services that support customers to make critical decisions and increase profit
• Invest in technology: mobile applications, cloud-based services, and integrated solutions
• Product investment of approximately 8-10% of revenues

Drive efficiencies:
• Drive efficiencies in sourcing, technology, real estate, organizational processes, and distribution channels
• Deliver cost savings to support investments and margin expansion

Sustainable Approach
Sustainability is at the core of our business, driving our innovation agenda and improving our customer satisfaction.
• Our products and services help our customers make critical decisions and add value to society
• Minimizing our environmental footprint is a key focus
• Our engagement with customers and stakeholders drives a positive impact on current and future generations

Global Team of Experts
• We are proud to have many leading experts and highly-engaged professionals among our global workforce.

What we promise and expect from our employees is to let their actions be guided by four simple but powerful principles: make it better, embrace change, engage the customer, and be influential. Our six company values guide our employees in their work: customer focus, innovation, accountability, integrity, value creation, and teamwork.

Our Values

Our six company values connect all Daikyo Brokerage Limited employees and support the successful execution of our strategy.

Customer focus
We develop products, services, and solutions with our customers’ needs in mind. We listen to our customers and treat them with professionalism, honesty, and respect.

We create bold and forward-looking solutions that combine the latest technologies with our unmatched subject matter expertise and deep knowledge of our customers.

We take full responsibility for our actions and performance, and for meeting customers’ needs and shareholders’ expectations. We keep our promises.

We are direct, honest, transparent, and fair in our business dealings. We encourage diversity and respect the ideas and points of view of others.

Value creation
We create value for our customers, employees, and shareholders. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We work together with our customers, partners, and each other to meet our business goals.