Research and Innovation

Our analytical department focuses exclusively on research and developing a trading model in a professional financial environment. Daikyo Brokerage Limited reputation as a proficient quantitative investment manager is reinforced by a:
• A strong investment team
• A long performance track record
• A rich research pipeline

An experienced research team
One of the largest and most experienced research teams in the industry lays at the heart of Daikyo Brokerage Limited’s research efforts. We are steadfastly committed to the continual research and development of new and existing systematic trading models.

Research activities in Tokyo, Japan, are conducted in close collaboration with top financial experts and university professors. Our analysts spend time in locations, working on joint projects and participating in seminars.

Strong execution capabilities
Trading efficiency is vital to performance. Daikyo Brokerage Limited commits substantial resources to technology, and to the optimization of its trade execution.

Once identified, trades are routed through the most efficient channel, either via the 24 hour trading desk or through our proprietary automated execution algorithms.

This team operates 24 hours a day, monitoring market volume, liquidity and brokerage selection to ensure best execution across all markets.

Robust infrastructure
The investment management process is supported by robust IT systems and strong operational controls.
Daikyo Brokerage Limited also maintains two disaster recovery sites, including a back-up trading system which runs permanently and in parallel with the main system.

Risk Management
Risk management practices have come under increasing scrutiny in the wake of the economic crisis of the past few years. Even with widespread understanding of the overall importance of strategic risk management, and recognition of higher standards on the part of regulators and stakeholders, many organizations continue to experience roadblocks that hamper the adoption of enterprise-wide risk management.

We understand these roadblocks and help customers identify and move past them.

Risk Management Program Effectiveness
• Risk Assessment
• Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Development
• Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA)
• Scenario Analysis

Enterprise Risk Management
• Risk Management Program Development or Gap Analysis to Industry Standards
• Risk and Control Identification for Lines of Businesses
• Staff and Board Training
• Loss Event Program Review and Development
• Critical Incident Management
• Emerging Risk Identification

Operational Risk Management
• Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Development
• Reporting
• Risk and Control Assessment
• Policy and Procedure Development

Compliance Risk Management
• Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Development
• Compliance Process Assessment and Redesign
• Compliance Program Development or Gap Analysis to Industry Standards
• Compliance Risk Assessment
• Compliance Review
• Auditing staff augmentation for compliance reviews
• Mortgage Quality Control

Disclosure and Document Review
• Compliance Research Services
• Document Package Selection
• Document Assessment
• Document Management Service