Why Daikyo Brokerage Limited

It's easier to manage your investments when everything's in one place: one site, one set of statements—everything in a consolidated view.

And in most cases, investments you currently hold outside of Daikyo Brokerage Limited can be transferred "in kind"—meaning they're moved without tax consequences.

So why consolidate with Daikyo Brokerage Limited Brokerage? Because you'll enjoy:

Unbiased service
Get help with your portfolio from knowledgeable investment professionals rewarded for service, not sales, so they have only your best interests in mind.

Competitive rates
Enjoy competitive, straightforward trading rates, including commission-free trades on Daikyo Brokerage Limited investment services.

Online research tools
You’ll get access to sophisticated tools and analyses, including charts and stock screeners, news, and financial reports.

Our Strategy
Serving the Expanding Needs of Our Customers
Financial services organizations need solutions and expertise that address growing risk concerns and increasing regulatory complexity. Working closely our clients, our business strategy uses deep customer insight to enable us to identify our customer's needs and develop the right solutions to help them address their risk management challenges.

Our ability to bring together deep industry knowledge, consulting and services, and technology sets us apart in the industry.

With the following four strategic imperatives, we will continue to provide and enhance the solutions that investors need to make profitable decisions. These solutions help our customers stay ahead of the markets, improve efficiencies and meet their financial plans.

Expand Globally to Meet the Increasing Needs of Our Customers
Daikyo Brokerage Limited is building upon its global scale and scope to improve effectiveness for our customers. We will continue to expand our solutions and services to meet customer needs in multiple geographies, regulatory jurisdictions and workflows. We also proactively invest in the markets where our customers are growing and in our global platforms to comprehensively address compliance, operational and financial risk and reporting, as well as enterprise risk management and audit.

Further Embed Deep Domain Expertise into Our Leading Technologies and Platforms
We will continue to build the breadth and depth of our global content in the financial services industry by developing and enhancing our systems, processes and expertise to acquire, manage and deliver that needed intelligence to our customers. Leveraging the insight of our in-house investment, risk management, finance and trading experts, analysts and specialists - Daikyo Brokerage Limited applies and infuses deep domain expertise into our solutions and platforms. This empowers our customers to focus on building their business, confident that they have the support of an army of risk management and compliance professionals to help them make the right decisions.

Continue to Expand Our Capabilities and Invest in Our Industry-Leading Solutions
We will continue to enhance and expand the capabilities of our current solutions to help clients in their investment process. Daikyo Brokerage Limited will continue to be the trusted provider that investors turn to first to help them grow.

Continue to Grow in Order to Meet Evolving Customer Needs
We will continue to foster a culture of innovation and to develop the strengths of our people, portfolio, processes and systems to quickly deliver the solutions necessary to support the evolving needs of our clients.

We will continue to integrate proven Operational Excellence, agile development into our business efforts, ensuring that the root of everything we do is firmly planted in our customers' needs.

We will continue to develop superior delivery capabilities, to ensure we are delivering our products and solutions in the way that best meets the needs of our customers and the markets we operate in. Our efforts-whether modifying existing solutions, evolving a product or developing a new solution-are centered on making our customers' jobs more effective and efficient.